Saturday, May 3rd 2008

Can I have a hobby, please?
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Nothing like a convention such as this to make one feel a tad boring. The last discussion I was in was headed up by a guy who has been in love with geotracking and satellite imagery since he was four. He now does geoimagery for mostly disaster surveillance. Crazy stuff here. The talk before that was a guy who likes to spend most of his time in the forests of Southern California, and wanted to talk about how mobile technology can help people get more in touch with the natural side of life.

What really struck me was a man who asked the forest dweller, “Why would you want to do that, just live your life in the forest?” Well, why not? I’m fascinated by people who aren’t absolutely vapor locked by the sheer vastness of choice we have in our lives. We can do anything we want. Why not try to live for longer and longer stretches of time in the forest? Why not try to apply our personal hobbies and interests to making lives better? We’re privileged to be able to be mostly concerned with not being bored.

Gotta go – time for the WEP hacking talk.