Friday, July 17th 2009

Feminism fail
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I know, I haven’t posted in a long time. Blog fail too.

I’ve been somewhat active with LinuxChix. About a year ago, someone posted this to the mailing list:

Quotes from the bloggers attending the BlogHer conference reiterated that feeling that female bloggers don’t believe they are taken as seriously as male bloggers.

Ya think?!

Apparently they aren’t taken seriously by the NYTimes either because everyone knows that the first place you go for serious technology news is the Fashion and Style section. (!?!)

At the time, I was very upset about this, to the point where I actually wrote an angry email to the New York Times editor. Of course it went unanswered, and I thought perhaps it was because they get so much email from readers that they don’t bother.

While cruising around the Internet recently, I found a more likely answer:


I bet the media is willing to take this conference seriously as long as the little ladies are willing.

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