Saturday, April 12th 2008

Party tonight!
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If you know where we live, you’re invited. Bring whatever alcohol/food you enjoy and think everyone else would enjoy. We especially like new liquors we haven’t tried before. We’ve gotten many people hooked on the awesome wonder of Amarula, for example.

We’ll be drinking at the party tonight, of course, and there will be the obligatory Rock Band. We’ll also be featuring a movie, called “Run, Ronnie, Run.” It’s the Mr. Show movie you never heard about. If you know my fiance, Sam, and know his very odd sense of humor, then you might have an idea what sort of humor can be expected from this movie. We’ll also be serving up jell-o shots, and you won’t want to miss those.

I started making this post as I was waking up with a cup of coffee, but then mom called and whoosh all my plans for a blog post went bye bye. Now I’m taking a break from taking out a ton of garbage and cleaning out the litter box. It’s almost time to cook, but I think I should eat something first or there won’t be much leftover for my guests to eat. *nom*

So everyone get on over here tonight!

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