Sunday, April 13th 2008

Bits and bytes of a party
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I was completely too busy to blog or tweet much from the party last night, but I did take a ton of pictures and had a seriously amazing time. Apparently a lot of other folks were tweeting during the party, and I’ve been having fun this morning reading what people thought as the night progressed.

We had invited a lot of people, but I wasn’t optimistic about turnout. Holy freaking cow. People showed up. I never did do a headcount, but our sizeable LA apartment was freaking packed. There was much drinking that went around, there was a lot of loud drunken rock band (my apologies if any of my neighbors are reading and were annoyed), the jell-o shots were a hit, as were the hummus, pitas, bourekas, and israeli salad. Everyone seemed to have a really good time.

Thank you so much, everyone, for showing up, being awesome, and making me want to throw many more parties.

Thanks in particular go to Bino for announcing a flash cleanup at the end of the night. I was a bit concerned with cleanup, but that quickly turned into a two minute job and I’m so damn grateful for that.

I finally curled up into bed about 4 a.m. Bron and Kitchen crashed at our place (one of the many benefits of a big pad), and so breakfast happened this morning. Good coffee (I’m shamelessly proud of my coffee-making skills) and yummy hebe food (jachnun and shakshuka). There was food, and chilling, and hanging out. Kitchen and Bron left a bit ago, and I’m now doing laundry and relaxing. Kitchen might come by later with a new car, if he gets tempted enough.

Sam and I will be in New York next weekend for Passover, and the weekend after that is Kitchen and Cosper’s Office Space-themed party. Sam and I will more than likely throw another party after that (when I’m not busy freaking out over wedding planning).

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